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Natural and Traditional Beekeeping June 22nd 8am -12pm $70 Brunch provided Andre Houssney has been keeping bees in Boulder county since he was 12 years and collaborates with beekeepers around the world. Spend the morning hearing his unique and cultivated take on traditional, natural beeking techniques and best practices.

Full Moon Feasts July 13th, August 17th, September 14th 6pm $70 Dinner, drinks and merriment! Our relationship with food is an unfolding, delicious story of how we belong intimately to a place. Join us for a series of family style, down home, summer feasts focused around seasonal abundance and the cultural ecological stories of our home and habitat.

Third Friday Outdoor Movie Night Third Fridays - July 19th, August 16th, September 20th 7pm FREE Bring a snack if you would like! Curated series of talks and movies relevant to a regenerative, sustainable and joyful existence followed by lightly facilitated dialogue.

Community Work Day June 29th, August 31st 10am - 4pm and beyond FREE Bring a dish to share featuring locally sourced ingredients Come offer your service and deepen your relationship with the Jacob Springs Farm community . We’ll spend the day doing various group projects around the farm. Then eating a delicious, nourishing pot luck meal together featuring fresh meat and dairy from the farm. And perhaps sharing stories and inspiration of agricultural revolution and human resilience.

Distilling Essential Oils July 20th 9am - 4pm $70 Lunch included Make your own essential oils using locally, wild crafted herbs. Learn about Distillation Techniques and Equipment. Take home a bottle of your own essential oil at the end of the day.

Yoga On The Farm July 27th 9am-12pm $40 Brunch included Bring your practice outside! Join us for a morning of yoga and movement on the farm. After yoga you will be fed a farm fresh, nourishing meal with great conversation, company and really amazing chai.

Fermentation August 3rd 9am-3pm $70 Lunch included Fermentation is a cultural revolution in a world with too much trash. Use it all is a mantra at Jacob Springs farm. Join fermentation fetishist John Anglklkjsdfoloi for an inspiring and informative day on more ferments than you can imagine. Learn about the science of fermentation and get better results from your process. You will leave this workshop nourished by an amazing meal and with some ferments to enjoy at home.

Sundae Social August 11th 3pm - 7pm Pay What You Can Generously Offer, Ice Cream and Toppings Provided Come celebrate the waning days of summer and the abundant harvests with fresh ice cream sundaes from our A2 dairy herd. Enjoy lawn games and old timey music. Come dressed up with a vintage Sunday flair.

Look for upcoming events and workshops around butchery, making bee hives, basketry and much more!

Please inquire if you have a desire for a specific workshop here on the farm.