American Milking Devon

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American Milking Devon is one of Americas oldest heritage breeds of cattle, having, people like to repeat, "come over on the Mayflower" (although in reality there were no cattle on the Mayflower and they actually came on the "Anne"]]

These animals were traditionaly kept as triple purpose, milk, meat and draft animals. Of these three, the Devon really only excels for draft use as oxen, with bull calls for that reason once having been worth far more than the heifers. When the farmer had an unusually large crop of heifers, the story goes, he would've been disappointed with the result.

Devons have an old fashioned conformation with a broad, long nose, wide-set eyes, deep and large bodies with short legs and good fluid movement. These traits according to the president of the American milking Devon association (whose family has kept Devon cattle continuously since 1648!) contribute to the ability of a cow to convert roughage is into meat and milk.

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