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Comb honey is honey intended for sale while still in the honey comb, as opposed to liquid honey which is extracted from the com by various methods.

Comb honey can be sold as cut comb (blocks of honey comb cut out of a larger comb) whole comb or rounds - small frames designed to be removable for sale with an intact miniature comb attached. In the US, comb honey usually sells at a price 5-8 times higher.

Sales of cut comb honey are compatible with keeping bees in topbar beehives as the higher price paid for comb honey more than offsets the possible lower liquid honey production of a topbar hive as compared to a Langstroth hive. This meshes well with the farmer's desire to minimize costs and maximize sale price of their goods.

Marketing comb honey lags behind liquid honey and consequently good prices are achievable.

This hotel buffet in Berlin has a novel way of serving comb honey, thanks Georges Houssney for the photo

Here is an excellent video by beekeeper Mike Palmer on producing comb honey in a Langstroth hive New York's Champlain valley; This beekeeper goes to great lengths to produce comb honey that is very white and thin (tender). But there are lots of good nuggets of information here:

if someone watches this and is able to take notes and post them here - it would be appreciated!