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Through deliberation, conversation, and continual refinement, these goals help unify the Jacob Springs Farm team with community buy-in in a direction towards which we strive.

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else"
"Begin with the end in mind"
"If we don't change directions, we're likely to end up where we are headed."
"This place is looking more like it does now than it did yesterday!"


  • Education of young farmers through WWOOF and internships
  • Demonstration of a model of profitability in regenerative family farming
  • Production of high quality products that are healthy and nutrient dense
  • Ecological restoration of our property as well as adjacent and leased land
  • Achievement of a high level of animal well-being through reproducible animal husbandry practices
  • Refinement of our target market through CSA, direct sales, and other means
  • People care including health and safety, work satisfaction, spiritual well-being, team dynamics and morale
  • Demonstration of the Kingdom of God through Christian community, Ethics and service


  • We want all people to hear and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it relates to Christians, themselves and all creation
  • While we ultimately desire for all people to understand, accept and embrace Christ. We want everyone to have the opportunity to decide for themselves.
  • We want to educate people about Farming God's way
  • We want people to understand good food



    • Short-term WWOOFers
    • Long-term WWOOFers

  • Interns


Production Quantity/Quality

Ecological Restoration

A basic assessment of progress towards our ecological goals can be made by examining two questions:

  • Is our work resulting in a net increase in biodiversity over time?
  • Are we seeing a net increase in soil fertility

Other goals are:

  • to maximize biomass production and carbon uptake
  • to maximize carbon sequestration
  • to minimize use of energy, especially non-renewable forms
  • to increase water retention capability of landscapes; in soils, biomass and in surface features.

Animal Well-being Standards


People Care