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(To Do List Keaton, Summer 2020)
(To Do List Keaton, Summer 2020)
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##Figure out other stuff needs done
##Figure out other stuff needs done
#John Deere 1070 Tractor
#John Deere 1070 Tractor
##powerwash the radiator
##Grease all zerks
##Grease all zerks
##OIl Filter
##OIl Filter

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To Do List Keaton, Summer 2020

  1. Oil Changes
    1. John Deere 1070 Tractor
    2. '93 Toyota Pickup (Blue)
    3. White Ford F350 ('93?)
    4. Yellow Ford F350 ('83?)
  2. Farmall Super M Tractor
    1. Cleanout Gas tank
    2. Run BG44k in one gallon of gas, through the carburetor
    3. Open and clean the governor
    4. Change oil
    5. Figure out other stuff needs done
  3. John Deere 1070 Tractor
    1. powerwash the radiator
    2. Grease all zerks
    3. OIl Filter
    4. Air Filter
    5. Oil Change
    6. Rewire starter (frayed wire)
    7. Auto-off solenoid issue
  4. New Holland 1002? Bale wagon *** (5/26)
    1. Replace Hydraulic fluid
    2. Diagnose Hydraulic Problems
    3. Fix PTO
  5. Heston 4570 Baler
    1. Sharpen or replace hay knives
    2. Check Hydraulic Fluid (Diesel Engine Oil)
    3. Weld/repair bale turner attachment point
  6. '93 Toyota Pickup (Blue)
    1. drain, bleed brake fluid
    2. look for/fix vacuum leak
  7. White Ford F350 ('93?)
    1. Replace front break pads
    2. Machine new window crank handles
    3. Replace and fortify inside driver side door handle
    4. Fix rear view mirror
  8. Yellow Ford F350 ('83?)
    1. Diagnose poor start when warm
    2. Weld/repair driver's side floor
    3. Find a wing nut for the air filter
  9. Massey-Ferguson 36 Swather
    1. Replace start switch
    2. Check compression and diagnose one cylinder
    3. Buy new belts
  10. Silver Honda Oddessy 2006
    1. Reassemble ignition
    2. Replace front passenger side universal joint(? part is in backseat)
  11. Forklift Badass Restoration Clark Plane Loader
    1. Make hydraulic drive
  12. Nissan pickup
    1. electrical problems


1986? Flatbed Ford

Ford Big Block (360/390/460?), 6 qts 10W-40 ish, burns oil, watch oil pressure. Switch on left of dash controls fuel tanks(Up-forward tank, Down-rear tank)

  • Current Issues

Front tank not filling, not pumping? Possible Fuel Pump? Rear tank fills slowly, possible tank breather

  • Maintenance Done

1993 Toyota Pickup

2.4L 22RE, 4.5 qts 10W30 or 10W40

  • Current Issues

Clutch stuff

  • Maintenance Done

(Make this into table) Clutch Master Cylinder, ~191xxx, JUN16, Scott

1994 John Deere

1070 Front Bucket attachment,

  • Current Issues

Autoshutoff solenoid inoperable, detached. Push choke forward on back side of fuel pump forward until tractors dies, move back to original position Fuel shutoff valve above main fuel filter (behind fuel injection pump on right side) needs to be replaced with new o-ring

  • Maintenance Done


Where to start....

Massey Ferguson 36 Swather

  • Current Issues

Right side hydraulic piston (for the actual lifting) for fan blades bleeding. Left side chain drive loose, shorten/replace chain. Retaining clip needed on sprocket, will work itself loose and throw a chain.. Left side of cutting teeth bent up, not cutting great. Needs a few new ... molars? (the bits that go around the cutting teeth)

  • Maintenance Done


  • Current Issues
  • Maintenance Done