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The Jacob Springs price list is a reference for what things cost in the market for high quality, beyond organic, local food in the area of Boulder, Colorado, where Jacob Springs Farm is located. Note: The following list is not intended to be an offer for sale, prices are subject to change without notice and we do not even sell some of the items listed here this list is for reference only, we use it to determine the value of certain part of our operation and list it here in the hope that it will be useful to others in a similar market.

Grass-fed beef

  • Whole or halves of locker beef cost $4.50 live weight or $5.50 hanging weight per pound, butchering fees are extra. See Arapahoe Meat Company website for more information. (or for internal purposes $6.50 butchered)
  • Beef bones retail around $3 per pound

Pastured pork

  • Whole or half pigs sold in the locker trade cost $3 live weight or $3.50 hanging weight per pound,

butcher fees are extra (internally $4.50/lb)


  • $10 per dozen pastured chicken eggs (mostly spoken for)
  • $12 per dozen pastured duck eggs (not currently available)


Raw Milk Shares

A milk share costs (a one time fee of) $50 plus $53 per month boarding fees for a one gallon per week milk share. This works out to just under $12 per gallon. Another A2A2 raw milk dairy in our area charges the equivalent of $20 per gallon, or close to $87 per month.

Butter and cheese

Although we don't sell butter or cheese, we need to know what the cost would be so that we can determine the cost implications of doing it ourselves - there may be other reasons to do it ourselves aside from saving money but we want to have a way to determine the relative value of this work as opposed to other work we could be doing instead.

*Aged alpine-type cheese (Gruyere etc) $20/ lb
*Halloumi $10/ lb