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So you want to borrow my truck... here's what you need to know.

  • We are happy to share our resources with the community but we ask that people be respectful!
  • Please keep in mind that we use our two Jacob Springs farm trucks constantly - please don't keep them any longer than needed
  • The blue truck is Andre Houssney's primary vehicle
  • These are rough, dirty, working farm trucks in varying states of functionality - please take a moment to be aware of their issues, listed below
  • The trucks are not pristine, but please don't take this as an opportunity to abuse them further
  • The trucks are literally our livelihood, if the go out of service because of misuse, it has a major impact on our ability to do our work and earn a living
  • Please take care of gas you use and extra would be nice!
  • If you go over 50 miles please consider throwing some money our way to help cover the extensive maintenance that we have to do on these old vehicles.

The blue truck (small)

  • Blue 1993 Toyota "pickup" (yes - that is the actual model name)
  • 2WD, 4 cylinder GAS engine
  • 2" tow ball, seats 3 people, gets about 24 mpg highway.
  • The clutch is currently in a rough state. If you are not a good driver of a manual transmission you may struggle to drive this truck safely.
  • The Tail gate currently does open - but the mechanism am is homemade- please be gentle
  • The brake light in the dash is always on - please be aware of whether or not the brake is actually engaged.
  • Wiper fluid does not work
  • Key is always in the truck - there is no spare key
  • Burns about a quart of oil every 4,000 miles
  • can carry about 0.5 tons - too overloaded and it becomes unstable on the road, wanting to fishtail

The yellow truck (big)

  • yellow 1986 Ford F350 super crew cab with a flat bed
  • 4WD, 8 cylinder, GAS engine please do not fill it with diesel (as one person who borrowed it did)
  • 2" square receiver hitch and gooseneck tow ball hitch
  • Automatic, Seats 5 people, gets 6-8 MPG (yes you read that right)
  • Two fuel tanks, front and back of driver's side rear wheel - selectable next to heater panel on dash board
  • front fuel tank is default, rear tank only contains a small amount of reserve since the air-return pipe on rear tank is crushed and it only fills very slowly
  • No seriously, don't put diesel in the tank!
  • Burns a lot of oil - please check oil before use
  • Can carry 1-2 tons
  • Please don't drive this truck fast and watch for overheating due to low oil pressure.
  • There is no high-beam selector.
  • There are scary holes in the floorboards :)

If you haven't been deterred - enjoy the trucks!