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Quick Fix

  • Mineral Feeder
  • Welder
  • Meat Grinder
  • Microwave
  • Master Bath Vanity
  • Tile grout in 2nd bath
  • Kitchen Re-organize
  • Re-organize back patio
  • Cellar
  • Basement
  • Boy's room redo

Liz To Do List

  • Divide pigpen into two halves
  • Tractor tutorial
  • Move pigs to half pen
  • Clean half pig pen
  • Spread wood chips
  • Move pigs to clean half
  • Clean other side pen
  • Spread wood chips
  • Lag bolts and chain Lewis
  • Muslin off gravity table
  • Electric fence South Boulder Road
  • Start micro green project -speed racks power washed
  • Cut shelves for speed racks
  • print up maps of the farm and laminate
  • organize the garage
  • fix corner fence SW corner of Field by intersection
  • evaluate (w Andre) and repair tank house
  • apply for building permit for tank and farm store-David doing
  • fill rat holes with foam and set traps
  • Clean up around shop and forklift
  • Fix yard/parlor gate
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Set up Lomi to test<\s>
  • <s>Load hay delivery with Paul
  • Put together Rosie’s milking stand

Andre’s Did list

Aug 10

Farm Apartment light repaired Fish run did Moved bale wagon Moved flatbed trailer

To-Do for Winter 2020

To-Do for Summer 2019

  • Outdoor Cleanup: sight lines
  • Farm Kitchen Organization - Week of May 12
  • Shop Organization
  • Garage Organization
  • Get blue truck running
  • Hot Tub
  • Hops Wall
  • gate project
  • Fence and Gate of cottage parking
  • Planting herbs (see below)
  • Outdoor Night Lighting
  • Whole farm audio system
  • Pick accent color
  • Farm stand design/build (target mid June)
  • Hang ladders on the back of the greenhouse
    • Bury culvert
    • Make platform deck
    • Timber frame
    • Roof
  • Paint trim on house
  • Tree House house
  • Cheese room clean and prep
  • Basement of House
    • Crafts and music areas
  • Cellar of House
    • spring cleaning
    • bottle area
    • Label and organize bulk food storage
  • Create a maintenance calendar using google cal and share it on the wiki
  • The Dance Floor
  • Planting herbs
    • Bronze Fennel
    • Dill
    • Nettles (Thanks Linn for seeds on the cork board)
    • Caroway (research)
    • Motherwort
    • Calendula
    • Nasturtium
    • Sorrel (Perennial)
    • Chamomile
    • Tarragon
    • (we have, sage, anise hyssop, oregano, marjoram, lemonbalm, mint, monarda (bee balm), Horseradish ,Walking onions, chives, chinese chives, lovage, tarragon )
    • Borage

To-Do List for Admin Tasks

  • Purpose/Frequency of Meetings
  • Wholiness List
    • Organization
    • Systems & Logistics
    • Infrastructure
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Mission and vision statements for JSF
    • what to expect
    • what atmosphere are we creating, cultivating, encouraging
  • Farm orientation manuals/tours
    • Initial welcome meetings restating purpose
    • Tours of farm
    • Expectations
    • Map of entire farm and designated locations for items in buildings
  • Communication
    • leadership check-ins
      • personal checkins, short term goals, reviewing current wins, long term goals
    • expectations
    • when and what to delegate
  • Job Details
    • expand on duties, procedures, responsibilities
    • daily, weekly, monthly, etc duties

Shopping List

  • Farm Kitchen
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Bathroom Supplies
  • Finalize location of List
  • Finalize location of every item corresponding to List

Bertram tasks (every other week for 4 days m-thurs oct-dec 2016)

  • basement sump covers
  • window in cellar
  • milking machine exhaust
  • downspouts - house, garage, barn
  • frost free waterer
  • new pipeline
  • French drain extension

Fall 2016 before winter

  • roof of cow shelter by tankhouse
  • chicken pen finish + gates
  • frost-free hog water
  • split hog pen

General Jacob Springs Farm to do list

  1. Insulate chick room - prep chick room for chicks starting March 18
  2. make plan for workday monday Feb 16, 2015
  3. Wood chips:
    1. dump into pig pens
    2. dump on road and spread
    3. dump on pear tree and herb area
  4. move fence parts to west end of field.
  5. sorting wood by pig pens
  6. shovel out chicken room in barn
  7. shovel out chicken house
  8. rake out hay from cow winter area
  9. greenhouse organize.
  10. silo area organize
  11. scrape and paint house trim
  12. finish pig pens
    1. finish divider panels
    2. build gate panels
    3. rebuild panels that sow wrecked

Greenhouse Projects

The greenhouse space has a number of opportunities to be improved, should someone be interested in working on it:

  • General cleanup of trash and degraded plastic on the ceiling
  • Repair and improvement of the hot water circulation system
  • Spreading wood chips on the floor
  • Cleanup and organize pots and planters
  • Repair of holes in plastic
  • Reattach loose plastic near east entrance

cottage wishlist

  1. Repaint cottageTHANKS KEENAN AND BRI!!!
  2. unclog drain
  3. washer please
  4. bathroom window


  • Create a maintenance calendar using google cal and share it on the wiki
  • yellow Truck
    • Oil change
    • other fluid check
    • tighten right side mirror
  • (yellow Truck long term goals:
    • fix stereo speaker connections
    • fix cigarette lighter with USB connection
    • weld floor board patches
    • Weld gooseneck hitch door
  • Blue Truck
    • Oil change
    • bleed clutch
    • Replace driver side indicator (the part is somewhere around the farm)
    • come up with a solution for tailgate latch
  • (blue Truck long term goals:)
    • add a reservoir for wiper fluid
    • Add a "monkey prison" in the rust hole
  • Tractor
    • Oil change
    • check hydraulic fluid and other fluids
    • fix air intake/filter
    • pressure wash radiator
  • (Tractor long term goals:)
    • add a hydraulic splitter and valve for rear connection
  • Forklift
    • fix everything
    • oil change
    • transmission fluid
    • hydraulic fluid (use motor oil)
  • (Forklift long term goals)
    • Resurrect the power steering
    • add turret for power water gun

In house to do list

  1. Attach boys headboard to bed frame
  2. hang towel rack in bathroom
  3. winterize shower in bathroom
  4. trim the stairs
  5. refinish the stair treads upstairs
  6. refinish the stair treads downstairs
  7. re-do front (and back?) door sweeps
  8. put mesh over end of dryer vent
  9. fix washer/dryer access to outside so it doesn't fall out
  10. Water proof deposit box by grain bin so all the money doesn't get wet
  11. make it so bats don't live in the house next spring
  12. Andre's shelf in Master bedroom
  13. put trim in Danny & Rene's living/dining room
  14. replace Danny & Rene's window
  15. finish Danny & Rene's china cabinet
  16. finish piano/assemble
  17. finish organizing garage so we can put things away and have others do the same
  18. put trim at top of stairs and landing
  19. fix washer in cottage
  20. fix security system
  21. fix outlets in M. Bedroom & cover with plates
  22. finish trim in bathroom
  23. put up towel rack in bathroom
  24. trim for edges of stairs in living room?
  25. finish heaters/drywall in bedroom near Vanee's desk
  26. dry wall holes in bedroom
  27. dry wall holes in entryway
  28. shelves for "office" area
  29. another shelf in linen closet?
  30. paint ceiling in kitchen
  31. repaint kitchen cabinets
  32. trim on cabinets
  33. shelves in kitchen under cabinets
  34. repaint living room
  35. paint front and back door
  36. cover over lead paint
  37. paint outside of house
  38. repoint mortar of chimneys
  39. build/install boot racks or boot/shoe solution for back porch
  40. replace windows or fixtures so we can open windows in boys room
  41. replace windows or fixtures so we can open bathroom
  42. replace windows or fixtures so we can open bedroom windows
  43. put door on south end of upstairs hallway
  44. make more places to officially hang guns up and away
  45. put up or fix Vanee's hook in room
  46. fix Vanee's desk
  47. fix Vanee's bottom dresser drawer
  48. fix hole in boys room wall
  49. sprinklers so that we can water our landscaping plants
  50. install sprinkler timer box
  51. cull Andre's shoes that are downstairs and on the back porch
  52. sort and hang instruments in basement
  53. fix broken front porch concrete and hole
  54. shelves in bedroom by bedside light?
  55. go through Andre's paperwork from many years
  56. fix floor in bathroom
  57. replace toilets or fix tanks/deep clean
  58. replace sink or fixtures in guest bathroom
  59. electrical wiring in house so it isn't scary
  60. light on garage
  61. light outside farm kitchen
  62. light outside grain bin

Mini backhoe to do list

  1. Farm kitchen tank
  2. new outhouse pit
  3. culvert at silo pen
  4. culvert at front entrance
  5. natural swimming pool
  6. Pond keyway for dam

Danny to do list

  1. henmulator troubleshoot
  2. Roosts in hen house
  3. boxes in hen house

Andre To-Do List

  1. pick up egg mobile from Marsha's
  2. pick up baler from Friar Farm
  3. plow for walking onions
  4. plow for garlic
  5. till and rototill for cabbage, leeks, onions etc...
  6. make latch system for barn door
  7. build sliding door to milk room
  8. trim and finish outside of round window - farm kitchen bathroom.
  9. thermostat for milk cooling freezer

To-Do's for Fall/Winter 2017

(Organized by priority in each location)

  • Farm Kitchen
  1. Wood stove - make rock wool insulation over hole and redo top
  2. Back room - Store insulation in cottage or storage location, put in shelves, give directives of what can now be stored in that room
  3. Install lock in bathroom
  4. Interior and Exterior Roof
  5. Fix back north wall (room currently being used as open storage)
  6. Door Knob to front entrance of Farm Kitchen - can we find a prettier knob and lock?
  7. Fix leaks under sink
  8. Audio System in living room - install monitor mount
  9. Seed Project - find tubes (cardboard from Uline? final storage location?)
  10. Ice Machine
  11. store mattress behind couch in another storage location
  12. Fix window over ac unit
  • Barn
  1. Latch on double door to milking parlor
  2. Fix muffler to air compressor
  • Cottage
  1. Put up new fence - look at Pinterest board!
  2. Counter top - look at Craigslist for recycled pieces?
  • Other
  1. Trench alongside farm kitchen
  2. Gravel pad for car wash entrance
  3. Design the 3 Gates - tell Naomi where to plant the 2 willow trees
  4. Send Naomi AI file of farm map
  5. Color Code (with tape or spray paint) all tools and corresponding hooks on side of barn and garage
  6. Cut down tree in playground area
  7. Sign Day
  8. Design layout for She-Shed
  9. Clean up tree house area - could one day put benches all around tree, customers sit and wait for orders or sit and drink smoothies
  10. Vertical garden letters to hang on future store front for farm kitchen


  1. Hold us together
  2. Be still, and know that I am - God
  3. trespassers will be forgiven
  4. attention chickens, laying policy effective immediately: "lay or chick-fil- a"
  5. look at the lilies of the field
  6. land flowing with milk & honey
  7. now I see redemption growing through the trees, the death and resurrection in every single seed
  8. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few
  9. the leaves are about to show us how beautiful it is to let the dead things go
  10. Psalm 52:8 But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God
  11. Need to make new "Organic Chicken Feed" sign

Joe to do list

  1. finish farm kitchen bathroom tile and fixtures
  2. install siding on tankhouse N. Side
  3. install siding on tankhouse W. Side
  4. farm kitchen door remove and rehang
  5. barn storage door needs a hinge
  6. pour concrete sidewalk with handprints
  7. create a new well head
  8. check drain on farm kitchen shower

Ashley to do list

  1. Kefir (water and milk)
  2. Organize Farm Kitchen
  3. Update JacobSpringsFarm:value added products with the things you've been making - include recipes and notes
  4. begin mushroom project

Patrick to do list

  1. Pinto bean threshing
  2. move woodpile & crate of wood
  3. chop and stack scrap wood on driveway
  4. Organize Farm Kitchen
  5. pulling nails from crate wood
  6. daily set and check all traps

Dream Projects

  1. Awesome tree forts (WWOOF camping spots)
  2. Solar shower enclosure [1]
  3. Small ditch bridges (requires final ditch alignment)
  4. 4 feature iron gates [2]
  5. "glamping" deck tent [3]
  6. Studio shed [4]
  7. root cellar [5].
  8. silo house
  9. hot tub gazebo
  10. natural swimming pool [6]
  11. thermal battery greenhouse lean-to [7]

Austin to do list

  1. replace windows in chick room
  2. put egg sign back up
  3. new windows in barn
  4. barn roof wet patch (again :( )
  5. bat problems (ask Vanee)
  6. re-point chimney morter
  7. finish siding in the farm kitchen pantry
  8. galvanized steel interior to farm kitchen bathroom
  9. install gutter on barn roof
  10. install gutter on shop roof
  11. pressure washer install
  12. create housing for milking vacuum pump
  13. make wood rack

Justin to do list

  1. silo area organize
  2. Insulate barn - chick room
  3. insulate farm kitchen
  4. put up cabinets and interior siding outside kitchen.

MEASUREMENTS FOR ROOFING SUPPORTS Chick Room: Quantity: 7 Length 12ft Main Barn: Quantity: 17 Length: 12ft

Justin hours

Hours done: Feb:5 Mar:3,4 Hours needed: Feb 15 Mar:17

Ethan to do

  1. Clean up shop (scrap and materials out)
  2. Take in starter for forklift
  3. Cut down and install racks in farm kitchen
  4. run electric wire through pig pen to pasture
  5. repoint chimneys on house
  6. prep 2x4s for barn rafters


Communication and Networking

  1. Speaker request form
  2. List of Speaking Topics
    • Heirs, Renters or Thieves: Biblical Perspectives on Stewardship
    • Three Sets of Brothers
      • Cain and Abel: Healing the Rocky Brotherhood of Farmers and Ranchers
      • Jacob and Esau: Regeneration vs Extraction
      • The Prodigal and the Elder: Inheritance
    • The Good Shepherd: Regenerative Livestock Management
      • Jacob the Good Shepherd (Gen 28)
      • The Bad Shepherds (Ezekiel 34)

  1. Followup Email To Contacts Met at the Conference
    • Speaking Opportunities
    • Internship and Employment Opportunities
    • Farm Visits