Knowing God

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Knowing God first requires believing in God, and second listening to God's Word and results in Christian love

God's Word

There are many ways God "speaks" to us if we are listening, these are called God's "words"


As a "creator" God's nature is inherently creative. This is evident in the stunning variety of what we see around us in the universe. The first chapter of Genesis describes God "speaking" the universe into existence. This is God's "word" of creation. The creation is accessible to every person through their senses and reveals many important attributes of the creator.

  • creativity
  • consistency
  • power
  • vastness
  • faithfulness
  • love and goodness toward humankind
  • desire not to force himself on us
  • desire to be found by us
  • law of cause and effect


The word of God as revealed to people in history as recorded in the Bible. God has had a relationship and "conversation" with peoples in the past. Some of these interactions were recorded in written documents and some of these documents were preserved through history to the present day. These documents were gathered into an anthology of 66 books called the Bible. Although it was written by around 40 different authors, over a period of 1,600 years in three different languages it presents a coherent worldview and despite being subjected to intense skepticism, scrutiny and critical scholarship it has held up well as a source of daily inspiration and guidance for millions of modern-day people.

The Bible is accessible and readable to almost everyone in translations in hundreds of languages and often a variety of different language levels, yet it remains intellectually and personally challenging even to people who have read it dozens of times of the course of lifetimes.


Incarnation means "becoming flesh' and refers to God becoming a human in the person, Jesus Christ


God still speaks to people today through his Spirit. If you have questions about God, ask him!