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Jacob Springs Farm Meat CSA is a significant program for the farm. It's intended to be a way for people who want local, clean, pastured, organic meats without the significant barrier to entry represented by the locker trade. Many customers are reluctant to buy whole and half animals because they do not have enough freezer space, they want more variety (it takes a long time for a single person who does not eat large quantities of meat to consume an entire side of beef) or because they are intimidated by the process.

The Jacob Springs Farm Meat CSA is a way to get a great variety of the clean meat you want from a trusted local source at a good price.

As of 2017 the program includes lamb, beef, pork, chicken and a turkey for thanksgiving

How it works

In the community supported agriculture (CSA) model, members become partners with local farm, buying-in at the beginning of the season in exchange for a promise to receive a regular share of what is produced throughout the season.

We have structured the Meat CSA as a Herd Share

We need payment to reserve the share.

You can mail or drop by payment at the farm: 7602 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, CO 80303. Cash or check made out to Jacob Springs Farm. If you can't find anyone - you may put the payment in the black cash drop box inside the cooler (chest freezer) marked "eggs".

The flier:

Meat CSA 2016 p1.jpeg

Meat CSA 2016 p2.jpg

Collaborative meat processing

2016 Meat CSA Calendar

Lessons learned from past years

  • People are happier when they have a full membership themselves or only share a membership with people they know
  • People are happier the less options we give them
  • Some people think they won't like coming to help process meats but they usually enjoy it and often come frequently - some end up volunteering regularly.

Enrollment information

Legal Documents

Herd Share Agreement

Agistment Agreement