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RAWiki is seeking help with the development of this project! Feel free to make a profile and edit as much as you can! We are hopeful that we will create a great resource for others and represent important viewpoints on the environment, food, health, etc…


RAWiki admins help to direct the changing scope of the wiki. These people should be registered users willing to commit to a certain level of involvement who are good stewards of the trust of the RAWiki community. They will identify which articles need help and which new pages should be created. They will help organize the wiki and make decisions like when to divide a page into multiple pages. Admins also create and manage templates and help to resolve disagreements found in articles' "talk pages."


Some writers may be ongoing contributors who can absorb a variety of information and summarize it for the wiki. Or they could be mainly one-time contributors who have a special area of expertise that they can draw on to create pages for further refinement, expansion and editing. These are the core communicators at the heart of the project who create and organize the main content.

If you would like to contribute to RAWiki as a writer, feel free! Find a topic you're passionate or knowledgable on and get started editing! Please be respectful of other's work but remember to be bold at the same time! Participate in the talk pages on controversial issues and get others involved as well, we need your help!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. and see the style guide for guidelines on how to make an article.


Editors influence the style, clarity, and usefulness of the data on RAWiki. They can rewrite, edit or delete passages and help to bring a uniformity of style and quality to all the articles in the project. The can consult the User's Guide and help to develop the style guide to develop guidelines and standards for the wiki.

Illustrators and photographers

There is a great need for useful and clear photos and illustrations of plants, farm devices and other objects and species of importance. Hunting the web for appropriate, royalty-free images is an option. Many such illustrations do not exist, however. If you have these skills and are willing to contribute you are needed!

Researchers and fact checkers

Citations, especially of useful and trusted sources, are essential in helping the end user develop the proper level of confidence in the statements being made. It's important to know the difference between a suspicion, an educated opinion and a reliable fact. Citations and research help establish this for the reader. Web researchers also play the important role of collecting and linking to other data such as video, pdfs, online courses, and forum discussions found on the web. Including links to useful resources is a powerful way to magnify both the efforts of the RAWiki contributors and those of the creators of the original content. This highly important task can be performed by anyone with reasonable "google-fu" and a knowledge of the basic editing and markup conventions of the mediawiki platform (which can be found in the User's Guide)

Google books has archived a wealth of old books which are great resources! Anyone wanting to scour this library for relevant information and link to it for this wiki would be very welcome.


Farmers, ranchers, gardeners and others with practical experience are urged to share their knowledge with those who are starting out. Obviously, no technique is right in all situations, but it's useful to have the benefit of what others have learned. Please keep in mind, however, that our opinions are not always facts and should be presented with an appropriate level of confidence. Narrative of practical experience on a given topic can be placed in the appropriate article at the end in a section entitled, for example "Raising chickens: Jacob Springs Farm's method and lessons learned" as detailed in the style guide (once it's written :-) )

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