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You can use the EmbedVideo functionality to embed videos from over 20 popular video hosting sites including vimeo and youtube. Additional attributes like size and alignment of videos and captions can be configured according to this guide

At it's most basic the embed video function will look like this:

you type this:

<embedvideo service="youtube"></embedvideo>

or <embedvideo service="youtube">CcqxI7a6wSM</embedvideo>

and it looks like this

Or with vimeo:

<embedvideo service="vimeo"></embedvideo>

or <embedvideo service="vimeo">143407350</embedvideo>

Which gives you:

To embed youtube videos more quickly you can also use the youtube tag, go the the video's youtube page and extract the unique video identifier string from the youtube video's URL like this:

For the video at this location: "" The identifier is CcqxI7a6wSM

Paste the identifier in between the youtube tags using the following format.


This displays like this: