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André Houssney (center)

André Houssney and his wife Vanee are the founders of Jacob Springs Farm and Sambah Naturals and the parents of Elias, Silas and Ezra Houssney.

André was born in Beirut, Lebanon during that country's civil war between Muslims and Christians. The son of a Lebanese father and an American mother, André grew up struggling to understand the complexities of cross-cultural communication.

As a child, the Houssney family moved a lot in the Middle East and Europe before finally settling in Boulder, Colorado when André was in elementary school.

André began to develop a love for agriculture by working on the horse boarding ranch of Jay and Ruthie Neighbor near his family's home east of Boulder. It was there that André first learned flood irrigation, how to care for and train livestock how to cut, bale and store hay and many other things.

André attended Deep Springs College...

Learning Savory style HRM.

After studying Ethnomusicology at the University of Colorado, André has been involved in efforts to assist national churches in Muslim majority countries to develop worship music in their own language and musical style with an organization called "Heart Sounds".

Andre is a lecturer and teacher with Horizons International - his work teaching on comparative religions has taken him to over 40 countries, recently including four years in his native Lebanon. Andre and his Thai-American wife Vanee have three boys; Elias, Silas and Ezra.

Andre is also working on agricultural and business projects in the US Africa and the Middle East. His Fair Trade businesses like Zambeezi and The Zambian Soap Company create income for over 1,000 families.

André is also the president of the Cottonwood Ditch Company

Bio 2

Andre Houssney is the owner of Jacob Springs Farm in Boulder, CO and a Young Colorado Farmer. André and his wife Vanee started Jacob Springs Farm in 2010. Andre has worked on farms in NY, IL, CA and Boulder as well as overseas in France, Lebanon and Zambia. Jacob Springs is a diversified, beyond organic, local farm just minutes from Boulder. They specialize in grass fed proteins; lamb, duck, chicken, goose and eggs as well as succulent fruits, herbs and vegetables. Their philosophy:

We believe that the natural way is the best. All of our animals are raised to the highest standards, living happy, unconfined lives and never fed anything they would not naturally eat. We believe animals are a healthy part of the ecosystem at our farm and we want to partner with you to be a part of the solution to the unhealthy industrialized meat system. We want you to have a clean conscience about the meat you eat, knowing exactly where it came from and how the animals were treated. We also see ourselves as agents of restoration, restoring people, the land, our relationship to creation and a harmony with God.