Commercial-scale mushroom cultivation

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This is an example of a commercial-scale straw culture operation similar to the method used by the Jacob Springs Farm Mushroom Program

10:44, 5 January 2018 (MST)

Basic Steps

  1. Obtain mother culture and keep refrigerated
  2. Replicate small piece of mother culture in petri dishes with agar
  3. Sterilize barley or other grain in a pressure cooker
  4. Mix culture from petri dishes into sterilized grain in bags kept in a sterile, temperature regulated environment
  5. Sterilize straw in steam boiler room (or other method)
  6. Mix 1:4 inoculated grain with straw in bags
  7. Keep bags hanging for three weeks in temperature regulated incubator room
  8. Move bags to humidified room and wait about two weeks for fruiting
    • Bags may fruit heavily and then fruit less heavily again in a week
  9. Harvest mushrooms and store or dry for longer-term storage