Equine Therapy Program

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Peace, Trust, and Connection through Equine Therapy


Jacob Springs Farm is now offering Equine Therapy to the community.

Horses have long been recognized as spiritual allies to humans. Calm, sensitive, and graceful creatures, they heighten our emotional intelligence and allow us access to our hidden internal states. Their pure presence offers a reflection of our own anxieties, fears, and blockages to our natural state of peace and joy.

Come work with us to find new paths to accessing your higher self.

About the Handler

Dr. Kate Newburgh grew up with horses, and has thirteen years of experience working with troubled young adults. With a background in curriculum design for Social-Emotional Learning, she offers a unique program that uses horse wisdom and care for others as a vehicle for self-discovery, healing, and growth. She has extensive experience working with young adults diagnosed with learning disabilities and trauma. This program is designed for teens and adults.

About the Program:

  • 60-min sessions, 1-1
  • Offered afternoons, between 2 and 4:30 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
  • Suggested donation: $75 per session
  • Contact us to schedule a session and to have any questions answered.

What to Expect:

We will be outside for the whole hour, possibly walking through mud. Dress appropriately. Bring snacks if you need them. We want you physically comfortable.

This is not a riding lesson. Part of our work may involve riding, but the main intention of these sessions is to help you access your inner states through communing with the horse. If you want a riding lesson, please inquire.