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A map of the farm labeling all structures by the standard names we use.

  • The house refers the the main dwelling at 7602 Arapahoe which is used more like a duplex - it is about 4,000 sq ft and was built in 1863 with additions added in 1907 and 1963
  • The cottage is the dwelling at 7620 Arapahoe road - it is about 550 sqft in size with a bathroom, laundry room/mudroom, kitchen/dining room, living room and bedroom. It was built as a dining hall for coal miners in the 1930's and is partially made of a narrow-gauge railroad boxcar.
  • The shop is a 1,000 sq ft structure 25' x 40', constructed in the 1940's of concrete block - it has large bay doors on either end and a pit for servicing vehicles. It's equipped with 3 phase 240V power, a large compressor, and various woodworking machines. It lacks plumbing but a treated water tap is just outside the front door.
  • The barn is a low-ceiling, milking barn dating from the 1930's. it's 85' long by 25' wide and built from dimensional lumber with concrete floors and has a milking parlor with 4 stanchions, 2 box stall rooms, a milk cooling room and a creamery. With an old effluent drain system and running water. it's large central room is currently fitted out as a WWOOFER habitat
  • The garage is a modern, two-car garage used both as a workshop and for parking cars in bad weather. It was built in the 1990's and measures 26' x 30' with concrete floors.
  • The tractor shed is a large, 3 sided pole barn covered in corrugated steel - it measures 58' x 26' with a fairly high ceiling. The bay on the right is used to store the farm tractor and parts and fluid for it.
  • The woodshed is a large, 3 sided pole barn covered in corrugated steel - it measures 60' x 24' with a fairly high, pitched ceiling. attached to the south side is the Greenhouse
  • The tankhouse in the northwest corner of the property near the intersection only looks like a building but is simply a shroud for 2 large water tanks - attached is a loafing shed for the west pasture. Aside from the offing shingles it was built in 2013 using 100% recycled (locally discarded) salvaged building materials
  • the Pumphouse is a very small 3'x4' structure near the house containing the pump, valves and piping junctures.
  • the silo is a cast concrete silo from approximately the 1940's measuring 12' in diameter and 28' tall.

Water System

Jacob Springs Farm has a shallow well likely dug before the turn of the 20th century. It is currently equipped with a 110v submersible pump which is connected via a pipeline to 2 large water tanks in the Northwest corner of the 7602 Arapahoe property.

Story of the well

Well setup 2010-2015

Tankhouse and new tank installation

Nate George's tank control system


Root cellar ideas