Jacob Springs beer

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To make, entirely from sunshine, a refreshing and nourishing beer in 50 gallon batches for use by the crew and dilution into small beers for the kids.


*Brown Ale/Old ale
* Single Malt
* EBC 39
*~10% ABV
*Lightly hopped with fresh green hops
*Barrel aged

Idea 06:28, 23 March 2017 (MDT)

Scottish ale style
Just enough hops to balance the malt
Single infusion mash at 154-158F (higher temp for fewer non-fermentable sugars)
Low temp fermentation 50-60F

Growing barley

Growing hops


Old Ale Experiment

  • Maris otter malt for old ale
1.038 potential
3 on the lovibund scale (light color)
"malty" "nutty"
Substitutes: Golden promise, Pale ale
  • Fuggel hops
  • WYeast type ""