Jacob Springs layer feed program

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Jacob Springs Farm Layer Feed Co-op offers Fehringer Farms' organic, no-corn, no-soy layer feed available for those who have their own backyard chickens. Membership is free but requires a five-minute orientation by appointment. Non-members may not take feed. After the one-time orientation, co-op members may come to the farm and purchase layer feed in bulk at their convenience. During the orientation we will go over the system for using the grain-bin and take personal information that let's the team know who each co-op member is and how to reach them. At this time they may also specify if they would like to be included only on the feed-co op email list or sign up for other notifications.

Grain Bin Instructions:

1. Locate Approved Fill Bucket:

Please only use the fill bucket provided. Bucket is 12 quart galvanized steel. Bucket is attached to the grain bin with a chain. Please fill only to the level top.

2. Fill Bucket

Please only use the fill bucket provided. Place the fill bucket under the spout. Lift gate to fill Fill grain only to bottom of holes in sides of fill bucket provided. The holes should be visible when feed is leveled. Dump the feed into your own container. If you overfilled the bucket, scoop some into the spare bucket. Feel free to use the counting rings, or another method, to keep track of how many buckets of feed you are purchasing.

3. Properly Re-store Fill Bucket:

Please store fill bucket upside-down when finished so that it will remain dry.

4. Pay For Feed Taken:

Pricing is $10 per bucket (calibrated to approximately 19 lbs)****NO HALF BUCKETS**** Please put your payment in the money box attached to the feed bin. You may pay in cash, check, or through Dwolla online Make checks to “Jacob Springs Farm”

5. Record Transaction:

Every time you purchase feed, please accurately record the required information on the “Feed Log” located on wall of barn.