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Together with capturing honeybee swarms and splitting honeybee colonies , package bees are a great way to start new colonies. For most beginning beekeepers, purchasing a package of bees from a beekeeper, breeder or reseller of package bees (such as the Jacob Springs package bees program)

How honeybee packages are made

A honeybee package, contained inside of a wood and window screen cage, consists of three parts: a can of syrup-based bee food, a large number of worker bees "skimmed" from other hives (measured in weight and usually between 2 - 3 pounds) and a queen bee inside of a queen cage which is usually sourced from a commercial bee breeder.

Keep in mind that the genetics of the worker bees will have no effect on the future colony, the mated queen contains all the genetics that will determine the future makeup of the colony.

The process of obtaining worker bees for bee packages is called "shaking bees" - this video, by Colorado-based beekeepers nicely illustrates the process of shaking bees.

Installing packages of bees

here's one way to install a package of bees in a topbar hive: