Sunrise Mesa Infrastructure Tasks

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Form a strategy and delegate tasks to Sunrise Mesa team members

  • Chelsey Sweet
  • Kate Newburgh
  • Andre Houssney
  • Richard & Blanka
  • Alex Beal & Emma Garschagen
  • Dustin Biondi
  • Ried Lustig
  • Abe Lentner
  • Jordan Cummings

People to Ask

  • Ried and Kelsey Morgan
  • Define roles and responsibilities for each with goals
  • Categorize tasks as Urgent vs Important, create goals and timeline

Horse Barn (White)

  • Source sheet metal (standing seam)
  • Investigate structural members and plan sistering
  • Investigate Foundation

Red Barn (Red)

  • Investigate foundation and plan new footing
  • Investigate structural members and plan sistering
  • Create plant for roof


  • assess hives
  • treat for mites
  • winterize
  • secure against bears

Pastures, Fields and Outdoor Areas

  • Sunrise Mesa Prairie Dog Plan: create
  • Spread Manure, lots
  • Map water and plan ditches
  • Fencing Plan
  • Ponds and Streambed Rebuild
  • Soil Prep for planting in Spring